Thursday, 16 December 2010

Misfits - Episode Five

Nathan: 'Why's a gorilla wearing a gorilla costume?'

Maybe because Bruno's a monkey, with the ability to change into a human? Yeah, I know, technically he was a gorilla, but let's not go there. They sold us a double bluff tonight and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. The most obvious candidate for Nathan's mysterious killer was either Jessica or Bruno: Bruno because he clearly had anger issues (evidenced by the hearty banging he gave Kelly in the store cupboard); Jessica because, let's face it, she was just too adorable. Her interest in Simon was such an obvious set-up that she just had to be evil. Except she wasn't. She was an innocent, just like Simon.

This was a rough episode for both of our lady misfits. Alisha was forced to watch impassively as both Simon and Jessica fell in love. (Not easy when you're in love with Simon's now-dead future self.) She also managed to bust in (or maybe out) on Curtis and Nikki going at it hammer and tongs. Talk about gratuitous arse shot. To be fair, virtually everything in this show's gratuitous, so I shouldn't complain. Both Kelly and Alisha get their fair share of naughty camera love, too.

I like how they're developing Alisha's character this season. She seems easier to relate to now she has a secret to keep. We know that one day Simon will fall in love with her, but when and how is still a mystery. Will it happen before the season ends? It would be nice if it did, although the present situation is creating a terrific dynamic between them. Alisha feels awkward and unliked around Simon, yet is desperate for his love. Simon, conversely, seems pretty much oblivious to Alisha's attentions—probably because he considers her way out of his league. I like seeing Alisha so vulnerable. It's ludicrous that she should be so hung up over Simon.

At least Alisha knows that at some point in the future she'll be able to have sex again. (Well, non-superpower induced sex, anyway.) Until then she seems fated to play the role of observer. Not that she doesn't keep trying to ingratiate herself into Simon's affections—or maybe she just wants to be close to him until the inevitable happens. Future-Simon warned her that present-Simon just wasn't ready for a relationship with her, yet he's clearly ready for a relationship with Jessica. When Jessica kissed him all his awkwardness and anxiety seemed to drain away, so the time can't be too far away.

Likewise, lady luck crapped all over poor Kelly this episode. She finally met a man whose thoughts and intentions were pure, only to have him turn into a gorilla and die. The implication was that Bruno was a gorilla turned human, not the other way around, right? If not, worst superpower ever! It was sweet seeing Kelly's reaction to Bruno's innermost thoughts. There was no deceit in him. I was surprised to see her attracted to someone so strait-laced, though. Maybe she's just a big softy at heart: in the end she wasn't at all repulsed by Bruno's metamorphosis, she even gave his fur a loving ruffle and kissed his snout before he died. At least she knew that he loved her.

Nathan, rather typically, was non-stop hilarious. His self confidence knows no bounds. Even being told he was 'annoying' by the whole group didn't dent his seemingly indestructible ego. His bizarre confession of attempted auto-fellatio was as cringe-worthy as it was hilarious. He just doesn't know when to shut up—which as Kelly rightly suggests, is probably why people keep killing him.

Jessica's Dad being the killer made sense. He was outside when the first murder took place (though the narrative seemed to point towards Jessica). What a creep. I couldn't work out exactly what his superpower was: was he just insanely overprotective, or could he somehow see/sense what Jessica was up to? Did Alisha cold-cock him or kill him outright? If the latter, that's another body they're going to have to get rid of. The corpses are certainly piling up. I wonder whether Jessica will still want to be with Simon after what Alisha did? I'm guessing not.

That last shot of them all dressed as superheroes, drinking beer, was inspired. What a slovenly bunch of miscreants. Jessica's party was an ideal excuse for them to play dress up: Kelly's costume was hot; Alisha looked like a grown-up Hit Girl; and Nathan looked ridiculous, but what a tantalising foregleam of things to come.

Other Thoughts:

—I loved Alisha trying to bond with Simon over Echo and the Bunnymen's The Killing Moon. They clearly have nothing in common. At least, not yet.

—'Oh Jesus, she's after Barry.' Eleven episodes in and Nathan still can't get Simon's name right. Even when Simon's visible he's invisible.

—It was nice seeing Curtis' flash forward from three episodes ago happen in real time. This time, however, Curtis didn't turn Nikki down.

—Monkeyed up Bruno carrying Kelly up the side of the building was a total King Kong moment.

—Who'd have though we'd ever see Nathan and Simon bonding over lost virginity? Perfect.


Kelly: 'I meet a guy who I really like and he's a fucking monkey!'
Nathan: 'Well, technically he's a gorilla. But know, let's not go there.'

Probation Worker: 'I know women. I know what they're like.'
Nathan: 'Is that because you used to be one?'

Nathan: 'I walked in on her. She was right there, bent over, pointing her cute arse at me. What am I supposed to do, poke my eyes out with a stick?'

Nathan: 'Do the maths.'
Simon: 'There is no maths.'
Nathan: 'Right, she was here, plus no-one was around. Times, she caught me leering at her semi-naked. Divided by, all the weird shit that happens to us. Equals guilty.'

Nathan: 'And, did you know that some of these marathon runners shit themselves?'

Kelly: 'What's your name?'
Bruno: 'Bruno.'
Kelly: 'What kind of a shit name is that?'

Nathan: 'She's like one of those evil bitch spiders. They lure you into their web, they shag you, then they kill you and then they eat their own faeces.'

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