Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Misfits: Episode Three

Kelly: 'If you laugh at me, I will kick the shit out of you.'

Alisha used her powers for unscrupulous sexual gain tonight. Not that she needed to, I dare say she could've pulled without them, but it certainly dispenses with the formalities of drinks and a kebab.

It was a mistake, however, to then use them on Curtis. The process appears somewhat akin to rape, as her victims have absolutely no control, so despite Curtis' attraction to Alisha, the experience left him both angry and confused. Which, initially, Alisha couldn't seem to understand—until she was almost raped herself. Then the penny dropped.

The complexity of the situation at least forced Curtis to admit his true feelings. He's wants to be with Alisha and she feels the same way. To what extent they can actually be 'together' is at this point unknown. They certainly seem to have all the sexual angles covered, but how long can it possibly last? Will Alisha and Curtis be able to survive without even the most rudimentary of physical contact?

Simon seemed able to control his invisibility better this week. He can turn it on and off, at least—provided nobody's watching. I wonder how much of Alisha and Curtis' sex play he heard? I'm guessing most of it. Simon seemed to go from zero, to hero, back to zero—all in the same episode. Using Tony's credit card to fake a moonlight flit was a veritable master-stroke (for Simon), but any kudos he gained quickly dissipated when he took his 'fuck you' rant a little too far. Suddenly no one wanted to go for a drink with him, and thus rejected en masse, he turned invisible.

I'm not sure Kelly sticking the nut on Jodi was supposed to be funny, but I laughed anyway. It was just so Kelly. The girl knows how to handle herself, and having the song 'Attitude' by Hardknox playing in the background was the perfect accompaniment. Jodi's superpower was the ability to spread her alopecia to others. As Nathan said: 'that is rubbish'. The good to bad power ratio really seems stacked disproportionately in favour of the bad on this show. I wonder if they'll ever address what caused the storm in the first place. Maybe it'll explain why some people have such dreadful superpowers.

And, it's official: shygirl18 is really Sally. Not much of a surprise there, she was the only logical candidate. Sally suspects that the misfits know more than they're letting on, and she's right. Tonight saw them digging up Gary and Tony's putrefying corpses, after building development work threatened to uncover their cadaver stash. At least they got the the job done without incident, and Gary and Tony are now well and truly 'at rest'. Unless of course the building collapses at some later date. Knowing this show, I wouldn't be surprised.

Why didn't they get Simon to dig up the bodies whilst invisible? Five teenagers digging up bodies in the dead of night, under the glare of a car's headlights, doesn't seem all that discreet. Kelly could've picked up on the stray thoughts of potential intruders—with Curtis and Alisha there as backup. And, Nathan could've been there to... er, take the piss?

Why don't we know what Nathan's power is yet? Him trying to break that bottle with his mind was a hoot. Why is his power taking so long to develop? Everyone else's seemed to manifest itself more or less straight away. Unless it needs a catalyst to work, like Curtis' superpower.

Whatever it is, it better be good. After all this waiting, if it turns out to be the ability to turn grass into bacon, I'm going to be very disappointed. And a little jealous.

Other Thoughts:

—How sweet of Nathan to walk Kelly home. There's definite sparkage there.

—Maybe the misfits aren't savvy enough to steal a car, but at least Simon had the foresight to nick Tony's credit card. Maybe they're not completely useless after all.

—I always laugh at Nathan's inability to stop thinking about sex around Kelly. He always ends up running away. I wonder what range Kelly's power has?

—Why aren't Simon's clothes visible? I've never really understood invisibility. If everything he touches becomes invisible then why can we see the ground? Can he make other people invisible just by touching them?


Kelly: 'Is there something up with your teeth?'

Nathan: 'A couple of questions. How? Where? Are you out of your mind?'

Nathan: 'Look, we're a bunch of young offenders and not one of us knows how to steal a car? That is pathetic!'

Nathan (thinks): 'I'm not getting a shag now I'm a homeless. Those Big Issue guys aren't getting any. Oh shit! She can hear that! When are you gonna learn?'

Nathan: 'She has the power to turn people bald? That is rubbish!'

Nathan: 'You need to get that tart on the phone and tell her we need her dad's car to move the stiffs.'

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