Monday, 31 January 2011

Being Human: Adam's Family

George: "Baby, when we get home can you remind me to gouge out my brain with a spoon."

I liked this one. Adam was a young vampire trying to find his place in the world. Raised by human parents, he'd led a relatively normal human life -- until the death of his father left him without sustenance. Enter surrogates Richard and Emma Hargreaves, the most perverted foster parents a boy could wish for. Who'd have thought we'd ever see Gwen West in stockings? Whatever next -- Uncle Bryn in a thong?

I found Mitchell's initial rejection of Adam a little sad. Underneath the braggadocio and sexual over-confidence was just a lonely teenager. Mitchell would have been the perfect mentor. But Mitchell's currently in no state to help anyone. He's terrified of relapsing, and seems unwilling to face even the smallest temptation. Thankfully, Nina saw right through Adam's veneer. In fact, having him around seemed to bring out her maternal instincts -- even George eventually succumbed to his charm. I loved George's peremptory parent routine. The combination of barked commands delivered with zero authority made me laugh out loud several times.

The Hargreaves, despite drawing the line at murdering those unwilling to die, treated number seven like a pet. Is exsanguination whilst wearing a gimp mask a recognised fetish? It wouldn't surprise me. Despite the fa├žade of normality, the Hargreaves' home was a den of depravity. Even Adam seemed taken aback by the sheer scope of their debauchery. No wonder he chose to leave. You know your life's hit rock bottom when living with werewolves is the preferred option.

George bettered his “who wants some of my chair?” moment (from season one) with the equally ridiculous “who wants some of my plant?” The whole rescue scene was pure pantomime. What's a golf club going to do to a vampire -- except piss him off? I love it when George and Nina are on screen together. Nina's slowly becoming my favourite character. As well as being the perfect compliment to George, she's a friend for Annie, and gives Mitchell another soul to care for. I loved her face when Emma gave her that newspaper to sit on. (If looks could kill... miaaow!) Despite being a werewolf, Nina has fewer eccentricities than the other three, making her easier to relate to. She's our everywoman. It's amazing how quickly she's become part of the fixtures and fittings.

Now Annie's out of purgatory, the writers seem intent on trying to justify her existence by turning her into Mitchell's guardian angel. I hope it works. Her stint as a barmaid last season wasn't the most interesting of storylines. It was as if the writers had run out of ideas. Hopefully, her burgeoning relationship with Mitchell will give Lenora some decent material to work with. Annie now realises that her continued existence pretty much depends upon her friends being there. With no one around to see her, she may as well not exist.

I half expected Mitchell to leave for South America. He was certainly thinking about it. Mitchell's part in the box tunnel massacre has brought him to the attention of The Old Ones -- a sort of vampire elite. (Like the Volturi). They see Mitchell's past indiscretions as a threat to their anonymity and want him to join them (Like the Volturi.) When Mitchell asked Richard about the possibility of returning, was he asking because he wanted to return, or because he didn't? I'm not sure what's going on in Mitchell's head at present. Why would he leave his surrogate family? Is he afraid of falling off the wagon again? Or is he worried that, if he doesn't go, the Old Ones will come looking for him?

In the end, Mitchell chose to stay. Nina and George's concern over Adam was a timely reminder of just how much he depends on them. Without George, Annie and Nina, how long would Mitchell last? He has a duty to help Adam -- to show him that another kind of life is possible. He told Adam that dealing with the disappointment of those you love is what keeps you true. Isolated in Volterra... sorry... in South America, Mitchell would end up losing his humanity.

But Adam didn't stay. Instead, he left the safety of the pack and ventured out on his own. Hopefully, his moral upbringing will be enough to keep his murderous instincts in check. He could have killed that girl on the train platform, but didn't. That's an encouraging sign. If you want to see more of Adam's adventures, check out the BBCs new online drama Becoming Human (link here for UK viewers). I've watched the first episode and it's actually pretty good.

Bits and pieces.

-- Mitchell's 117 years old. Adam is 46.

-- It was odd that Richard considered humans "debauched" yet, behind closed doors, he lived a far more licentious lifestyle. Perspectives, I guess.

-- Love the play on words in the episode title. Oh, and forgot to mention last week, we have episode titles now. I won't have to make them up any more :o)

-- Is Mitchell ever going to tell anyone about the prophecy? It's only been two weeks and I'm pissed off with him already.

-- Adam's like a young Nathan from Misfits.

-- The romantic vibes between Annie and Mitchell continued this week. Annie keeps trying to make that connection -- and Mitchell keeps on dodging it.

-- Loved Mitchell's interview. Could it have gone any worse?

-- Last week it was Kai Owen from Torchwood. This week it was Melanie Walters from Gavin and Stacey. I wonder which famous Welsh actor will be making a cameo next week? Rhys Ifans? Ruth Jones?


Mitchell: “Knocked back from wiping up shite.”

George: "Oh, can you not ask my girlfriend to suckle you, please?"

George: “Home sweet home.”
Adam: “It's a shit hole.”
George: "Yes, but it's our shit hole, so show some manners."

Adam: "Yeah, level with me, Mitch. How do you stick it with this sad-arse? I think you need a new wingman. I, Sir, am a registered poon hound."

Richard: “I expected some demon. What do I find? The last Russell Brand in the shop.”

George: “Who wants some of my plant?”

Adam: “I don't want this. It's completely fucked up. Look!”
Emma: “Adam! Drink the man's blood and then have sex with me on the billiard table. You are embarrassing us.”

Adam: “Up yours, you no-neck gaylord!”

Richard: “These are not your people, these animals.”
Adam: “Yeah, tell it to someone who gives a shit.”

Mitchell: “You find someone better than you, that's what you do. Because when you fail, you have to deal with their disappointment. And that's what keeps you true.”

Annie: "You are my life. You give me life."

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