Thursday, 15 September 2011

Misfits: Vegas, Baby!

Nathan: 'Who is this?'
Rudy: 'Err... I'm the new guy.'

As fans of the show probably already know, Robert Sheehan announced back in April that he wouldn't be returning for a third season of Misfits. The good news is, E4 haven't left us entirely bereft—they've graciously stumped up the cash for an eight minute webisode and given our favourite foul mouthed miscreant a send-off worthy of... I dunno, a hobo? To sum up the plot: Nathan gets pwned, but not before he wins a shit load of money, loses it all, and then gets arrested. I know, it's hardly Shakespeare—but Nathan's no Hamlet. Hamlet never shat out a rabbit.

Last season saw the misfits sell their existing powers and buy new ones from ex-drug dealer, Seth. Nathan appears to have chosen abilities conducive to a career in magic. (Nice beard, Nathan... if that's what it is.) Naturally, he immediately put them to good use at the craps table. (It just had to be 'craps' with Nathan, didn't it?) Shame he didn't know about dice only having six sides, but any ability which allows Nathan to magically move a thousand dollar casino chip from one hand, to up his girlfriend’s wotsit, gets my vote. When was the last time you saw David Blaine do that?

It was heart warming to see Nathan and Marnie still together, and equally gratifying to see that they've lost none of their disgusting charm. Within six minutes they had piss all over their hands, and the biggest swear words known to man tumbling out of their mouths. Just like old times. I half expected Nathan to die—but prison's good. Prison you can come back from. Not that he ever will; not unless Sheehan's movie career hits the skids. What I do know is that Nathan will be missed. He's by far the show's funniest/handsomest/most disgusting character.

As well as a farewell to Nathan, tonight's episode was an introduction to Rudy. We didn't get to see a great deal of him, so whether he's a worthy addition to the gang remains to be seen. Sheehan's left some big shoes to fill, but the season three teaser which followed did look promising. The official E4 webisode can be found here. (Or, for US viewers, here.) Watch at your own risk. I won't lie to you. There will be shit.


Nathan: 'So, how do I look?'
Marnie: 'Turn round, let me see the ass.'
*Nathan turns round*
Marnie: 'Dead fit. Totally shaggable. I always fancied my dad in a suit.'

Nathan: 'Hello, beautiful boy... Jesus! The kid shits himself more than I do.'
Marnie: 'Don't swear in front of Nathan Jr. I don't want his first words to be shit and cunt.'

Nathan: 'Have you ever seen a man shit a rabbit out of his anus? I'm thinking not. Prepared to be amazed and disgusted.'

Nathan: 'I want to assure you that no animals were harmed during this trick. But this little fella could do with a bath.'

Nathan: 'Barry? It's Nathan. Listen, mate. I've only got one phone call...'

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