Monday, 5 November 2012

Misfits: Episode Two

Rudy: 'Let me put it like this: what would Bob Geldof do?'

Now that was more like it. Rudy was firing on all four disgusting cylinders, we got some nice back story for Finn, and probation worker, Greg, is just begging to be interred beneath the underpass. He may think he's God, but if Nietzsche was right, then he's surely destined to join Him. What a nightmarish personality. He makes Shawn look like Mother Teresa. I can't see it being long before Lola replaces him—unless, of course, she ends up in the ground as well. Either way, it looks as though Curtis is about to get screwed: both literally and metaphorically.

I hope they give Jess the same kind of character development they gave Finn tonight. Initially, I thought Sadie's power was nothing more than a figment of Finn's imagination. It wasn't. As all powers are rooted in existing character traits, Sadie's power was obviously a reaction to her growing frustration with Finn's sub-standard domestic practises and appalling lack of consideration. No wonder she looked so miserable when Seth took it away. I know part of it was because of the break-up but, come on, who wouldn't mourn the loss of a power which guarantees no more sticky clothes?

Sadie and Finn's story was actually quite tragic. They both wanted their relationship to work, yet they were clearly ill suited. Finn obviously had strong feelings for Sadie, otherwise he wouldn't have tied her up in the first place and spent his free time wiping her arse, but even love has its limits. Being stripped of his free will was a step too far even for Finn. So now he's living in the community centre, with Rudy as a house-mate. Bugger! I think I'd have preferred wiping arses. Whether Finn moving out was a final loving gesture, or simply Sadie working her mojo one last time, I guess we'll never know.

But Sadie must have loved Finn, too. She was incredibly quick to forgive him for imprisoning her, and she did use her power in an attempt to keep him. But rule number one of relationships is: you can't change people. Well, you can—that's exactly what she did do—but you can't change them for long. They don't like it. They rebel. The fact is, Finn just wasn't the tidy, thoughtful, kind, considerate boyfriend Sadie wanted him to be. Trying to force those qualities into him left him feeling used, emasculated, and stiff jawed. That's not to say Finn doesn't have any good qualities—they're just not enough for Sadie... or anyone who puts a premium on good hygiene.

Finn needs someone more laid back and less demanding: like Jess, maybe? Did anyone else sense a romantic vibe between the two of them ? Although Finn insisted he could only be himself around Sadie, he looked comfortable enough in Jess' company. And she did go out of her way to rescue him from Sadie's evil clutches. She even let him crash at her place. Are these the selfless acts of a true friend, or does Jess have an ulterior motive for wanting Finn single again? (Even if she doesn't know it yet.) Maybe the nipple slip wasn't as accidental as we were led to believe.

How does Jess' superpower of being able to see through walls relate to her personality? Is she just a naturally intuitive person? She's certainly adept at seeing through Rudy's bullshit, and despite only knowing Finn for a relatively short time, she seemed to know immediately that he was under Sadie's spell. But why the misfire with Geordie barman, Alex? (Way to crash and burn, Jess.) She obviously read that situation wrongly. Or did she? I'm guessing there'll be more to come from Alex in the coming weeks, and I'm pretty sure it'll be more interesting than him being gay.

Curtis still isn't getting anything useful to do. The racism sub-plot, although setting up some hilarious dialogue, didn't really go anywhere. Thankfully, Rudy was on fire. Despite being a relative newcomer, he's the beating heart of the show at the moment. Everything Joseph Gilgun does ends up being an episode highlight. The egg sandwich scene, the cling film fiasco, and that shot of the rubber band bouncing off Ally's head, all had me laughing out loud. His reaction to Ally's admission that she could communicate with her dog was classic Misfits. He never for one moment thought that a telepathic dog was impossible; he simply rued his own bad luck for getting caught.

And his speech about Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, and how blind people can't be racist, was all played for maximum comedic effect. It's Rudy's inability to understand virtually everything which makes him so much fun. ('I thought it was a talking dog.') And if the trailer for next week's episode is anything to go by, Rudy's role looks set to be expanded. I can't wait. This definitely feels like old Misfits again.

Other Thoughts:

—'We all die alone.' A nice cheery message from Rudy's depressing other self.

—Lucy Gaskell (who played Lola) is becoming something of a genre TV staple. She also played Sally Sparrow's buddy, Kathy, in Doctor Who, Sam in Being Human, and Katie in Paradox.

—Finn's shitty superpower actually saved him this week. What a fluke!

—Rudy's law: settle it like gentleman, with a game of penis, scissors, twat. The twat swallows the scissors; which must mean the scissors chops off the penis. So who wins between the penis and the twat? I'm tempted to say that the penis impales the twat, but the twat surely swallows everything, right?

—Damn, those blind artists were good.

—It looks as though Seth's gone back to Uganda. Does this mean no more new superpowers for the foreseeable future?

—I though Eleanor Wild, the actress who played Ally, looked a little like Julie Benz.


Rudy: 'You know what happened to The Littlest Hobo? He got raped. I'm making that up. He didn't get raped. It's a kid's show. Can you imagine their little faces? "Don't rape the Littlest Hobo, he's only got a tiny sphinct..."'

Rudy: 'Denied.'
Jess: 'Gutted.'

Rudy: 'You sick psycho! It wasn't a talking dog. Dude, it was his girlfriend. He's had her tied up... you had her pooing in a bucket!'

Jess: 'He is fucking gorgeous.'
Rudy: 'Whoa! Please, I just find your objectification of men a little offensive.'

Rudy: 'In the words of the great Lionel Richie: Hello.'

Jess: 'Are you mentally ill?'
Rudy: 'I can be. If... is that's your thing?'

Ally: 'Fuck me.'
Rudy: 'I will fuck you. In the words of Lionel Richie: All Night Long.'

Rudy: 'Me yolks! That's a tragedy.'

Finn: 'I'm a man, I've got testicles and free will. I'm sorry if that offends you.'
Sadie: 'Oh, the free will to piss in plant pots?'
Finn: 'I only did that once and I was drunk!' *Pause* 'I only did that three times.'

Rudy: 'I fucking love The Waltons, man. It's just it's good, wholesome, family entertainment. I tell you, the cunts don't make telly like that any more.'

Rudy: 'As one wise twat once said, men are from Mars, women love a penis.'
Jess: 'It's from Venus.'
Rudy: 'Wha-chaw! Smell a lesbian?'

Rudy: 'The storm, innit? It's always the fucking storm.'

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