Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Misfits: Episode Five

Rudy: "Refuted! I refute you, Sir!"

After a slight dip in chuckles last week, tonight's episode was jam packed full of quotables. Welcome back, Howard Overman! Rudy and Jess' relationship is blossoming, Finn's found himself a new girlfriend, and Helen is about to become part of Rudy 2's R-Men. (Like the X-Men, but R-ier.) They also gave us the final piece of Greg's story: a reveal brimming with pathos, poetry, unrequited love, and extreme physical violence. Doesn't it warm your heart?

Everybody seems to be pairing up at the moment: Jess and Rudy One; Helen and Rudy Two; Finn and Leah; which leaves just Abby and Alex. God forbid they should ever hook up. With Abby the product of the storm's effect on Laura, she doesn't have a power for Alex to steal per se, they'd just make a terrible couple. Alex is doing far too brisk a trade in humanitarian knobbing to be bothering with relationships, and slow though Abby is, I couldn't see her putting up with Alex's sexy vocation for long. Besides, I'm putting my money on Abby finding happiness with Mark the tortoise. If only Alex would get his shit into gear and fuck him better.

Jess kissing Rudy after him admitting that she was a lovely shitter, pretty much sums up Misfits. Vile. But Jess' taking-a-shit face surely wasn't normal? She looked absolutely terrified. It's a no brainer that Rudy would screw up their relationship eventually, I just didn't expect it so soon. Despite his good intentions, Rudy just doesn't think things through. If their relationship existed in the real world, it would be strange, abusive, and likely result in some sort of legal intervention—but in the context of the show it's adorable. Two messed up characters getting together and finding happiness is always a great story. And, lest we forget, this is a comedy. So we can laugh at Jess rupturing Rudy's testicle with a broom handle and not feel at all guilty about it.

Finn falling so easily for Leah felt a little contrived, but with Rudy and Jess now together, I guess they needed to advance Finn's story in a more productive direction. Leah is undeniably sweet. A little unusual, perhaps, but Finn's hardly the poster boy for normalcy. To be fair, Finn's obsession with Jess hasn't been as all consuming this season as it was last. Maybe he's realised that he's been flogging a dead horse. I hope his relationship with Leah continues throughout the rest of the season and isn't just a one off. I'm not sure what kind of a finale I'm expecting from Misfits—after losing Simon and Alisha back in season three, my ability to hope for a happy ending is somewhat stunted—but maybe Finn and Leah can make it.

Rudy Two echoed my own suspicion about Rudy One and Maggie's jumper—he isn't on it. Yes, it's hard to see the detail in wool, but the guy in the black jacket could be anyone. It could even be Rudy Two—he's the one currently recruiting heroes. Sam, Helen and whoever invisible girl turns out to be, have the potential to become proper superheroes with proper superpowers—unlike our misfits, whose powers range from pathetic to utter shit. Rudy Two also appears to be developing a life outside of Rudy One. Like Psycho Rudy before him, maybe it's time for Rudy Two to step out of Rudy 1's shadow and start living his own life.

Stuart being a Probation Worker felt like an tasty titbit of information designed to set our minds a-whirl. Will Stuart end up working with the misfits in a professional capacity? More importantly, what will happen if he meets Greg? Two closeted men in the same Community Centre seems like too good a story opportunity to miss. Imagine the potential Karaoke duets. Would Stuart respond favourably to Greg's love poems? Will Greg finally get his happy ending? Or will they both end up in the ground like so many Probation Workers before them? I'm hoping for both.

Other Thoughts:

—Some nice social commentary on social networking, the anonymity of the internet, and the perils of taking a shit in this smartphone age. All subjects close to my heart.

—I really have to complain at the inconsistency of the spelling of Abby's name across the various medias. The show itself always calls her Abby, yet the official wiki/website and a majority of the official behind-the-scenes videos, spell her name Abbey.

—Poor show E4 at providing decent screencaps. You're two weeks behind -- hence the crappy logo up top.


Rudy: "I refute that. Or at least I think I do. What does refute mean?"

Rudy: "When I learn how to fly, I'm going to soar like a frigging eagle, and I'm going to take a massive shit on your head from a very great height."

Rudy 2: "It isn't you on the jumper."
Rudy 1: "You don't know that! It's very difficult getting a good likeness in wool."

Abby: "I could tell her about his strangely weighty balls. They're like hairy apples."

Finn: "Is she taking a shit?"
Rudy: "She's taking the Mother Theresa of all shits, dude."
Finn: "But her face is all contorted—what the fuck?"
Rudy: "I know, it's enough to put you off her, isn't it?"

Finn: "This isn't even real tinned pineapple, is it?"

Rudy: "You tell her, Finn." *sobs*
Alex: "You soft twat!"

Rudy: "Oh, you're Electro Girl. Me doppelganger's looking for you. Wants to speak to you about a jumper or summat."

Rudy: "Watching you defecate your guts out, it didn't put me off you at all. At all! There is no greater test of a man's feelings. I have see you turn shit ugly... but to me it was shit beautiful. You are... you're a beautiful shitter."

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