Thursday, 28 November 2013

Misfits: Episode Six

Jess: 'Er, no. Don't look at me like that, because you're in love with a turtle, so...'

The superhero jumper posse are together at last. I didn't think Rudy 2 wouldn't find Karen until next week, but now he has, what now? Is the building on the jumper a significant edifice in the story, or simply an incidental backdrop? What are the R-Men supposed to do? More importantly, will Rudy 2 be able to convince them to do it?

Tonight's episode felt like something of a Being Human mini-reunion, what with Kate Bracken turning up and Ellie Kendrick already part of the cast. Kate Bracken's character wasn't given much to do bar turn invisible, but now we know where she fits in, she'll presumably play a bigger part in the story. The question now is: who are the people on Maggie's other jumper and what exactly is going to happen to them? Next week's teaser didn't look particularly helpful. With just two episodes to go, they've got a lot of ground still to cover.

I can't help but feel that this episode would have worked better if it'd aired earlier in the season. (Sans the tortoise material.) We've already established that Alex wants to help people, so for him to suddenly not give a shit about helping anyone, felt counter to what we already know. We know his motivations aren't solely sexual—most of the people he's screwed this season have been men, and he's definitely not gay. So why the slight retreat? At least the catalyst for Alex's conversion appears to have been watching someone jump to his death, rather than the gypsy curse itself. At least he has that in his favour.

But, whilst Alex continues to show growth, Finn seems to have regressed. In fact, all the good will he engendered for himself last week has been mostly erased. All he did this week was show an aggressively competitive edge, take the piss out of the dying, and attempt to exploit their misery for his own sexual gratification. Will the writers not give him just one redeeming feature? And next week he seems intent upon blowing up at Rudy's relationship with Jess. I'm think I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that Finn's a character I'm never going to like.

Whether you found the idea of a support group for terminally ill patients being used as comedy fodder acceptable, I'm pretty sure depends upon how close the subject matter is to your heart. I personally found some of it difficult, but you can't laugh at things which don't affect you one week, and then throw your toys out of the pram the next because you have sympathies with the content. It's the nature of the show. It oversteps the boundaries of good taste every week.

I did enjoy the cruel irony of Rudy 2 surpassing Rudy 1 in terms of sexual prowess. And the lengths Jess had to go to get off the pedestal Rudy had put her on, were seriously hilarious—more so coming from Jess, who doesn't seem the type to use a root vegetable to pleasure herself. She must really love Rudy if she's willing to admit to eating her own foot skin and scratching her fanny with a hair brush. And Rudy must love her too, if he can't get it up. When has that been a problem for  him before? Apart from at the vets.

It looks as though Mark the tortoise won't be getting fixed for at least another week. I laughed my cap off at Alex screaming at him to get help, and Mark crawling slowly back through the door, his freedom denied by a suicidal Finn. Jess and Finn holding the guy in the sex bag, whilst Alex readied his magic todger, also tickled my funny bone. The ratio of male to female potential curees seems to be tragically skewed against poor Alex. I think he's only had one woman in six episodes.

I hate to say it, but Rudy and Jess make a great couple. They shouldn't work—in fact, Rudy shouldn't work with anyone—but somehow they do. I had fears that them getting together would mean a diluting of Rudy's acerbic character, but it really hasn't. They totally fit. I want their relationship to work. If either of them dies, I'm going to be mondo pissed.

Other Thoughts:

—Why is Alex calling Mark a turtle when he went to great lengths earlier in the season to point out that he was a tortoise?

—Loved the scenes of Rudy talking to his own penis. That actually works.

—Alex's reaction to Greg's meltdown was beautiful: he just looked down at his nails and refused to maintain eye contact. Some hard man.


Finn: "So you're compelled to help people?"
Alex: "Yeah."
Finn: "You couldn't lend us 20 quid, could you, mate?"

Jess: "You love me?"
Rudy: "Yeah, I love you like I love Peter Rabbit, and that's why my cock won't work. I have a really sarcastic penis."
Jess: "Do you mean you have an ironic penis? Is that what you mean?"
Rudy: "What you on about? The bend in it? That's where Saunders slammed it into a door. Mad bastard!"

Abby: "You taking a shit?"
Alex: "No."
Abby: "You having a wank?"
Alex: "No!"

Alex: "If I fuck him to death, it isn't on me."
Abby: "Maybe you could just cum on his shell."
Alex: "It doesn't work like that. I wish it did."
Abby: "Just be tender and gentle. Try not to hurt him."
Alex: "I'm ramming my cock up a turtle's arse and you don't want me to hurt him?"

Abby: "You and him?"
Jess: "Er, no. Don't look at me like that, because you're in love with a turtle, so..."
Abby: "Fair point. Sorry about the soft cock."
Rudy: "Thanks, Ab."

Rudy: "They just made a big mistake. They better be prepared to meet the raper."
Jess: "Do you mean the reaper?"
Rudy: "No... the raper. I'm talking about him."

Jess: "I love the smell of my own farts."
Rudy: "I thought that was just me."
Jess: "No. I bite my nails. I eat the dead skin off my feet. I use a hair brush to scratch my fanny. Last week, I shoved a cock shaped potato up myself. It's usually a cucumber, but I'd used it to make a salad. So there you go..."
Rudy: "Fucking hell!"

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