Thursday, 7 November 2013

Misfits: Episode Three

Laura: "I'm really glad I made you."
Abby: “Me too.”

Absolutely superb! Everything about this episode flowed seamlessly. Several of the long running storylines came to a head, the main arc objective is now clear, and for the first time since season three, the show feels whole again. Which makes it all the more galling that we only have five episodes left.

The way Howard Overman threaded together the Abby and Greg reveals, juxtaposing the tragic with the insanely comedic, was seriously brilliant. One minute I was cringing/laughing at Greg singing 'The Power of Love' to Finn, the next I was almost in tears at Abby's distress over Laura's rejection. And it just kept on going: for every other laugh there was a beautifully crafted chunk of pathos to cap it—a forty five minute loop of laughter, sadness, wince and repeat.

Abby's story was particularly satisfying. No wonder she had no memories—she never existed outside of Laura's mind. Natasha O'Keeffe did a great job tonight. I rarely single her out as an actress because, up until now, Abby's been such a background character. Enjoyable, often amusing, but serving virtually no function. Tonight, Howard Overman gave O'Keeffe's character flesh, and she milked it for all it was worth.

Initially, Abby seemed happy with being a lesbian. Her connection with Laura made her feel whole again. Then the memories came flooding back, and it all came crashing down. There was more than a whiff of Shelley's 'The Modern Prometheus' about Abby's transition from lesbian with acute memory loss, to imaginary friend brought to life. Abby's distress at losing her creator was oddly moving. I was a tad miffed that Laura and Abby decided to call an end to their relationship. Admittedly, it was verging on the incestuous, but they were just so cute together. At least Abby can live her own life now and start making her own memories.

Props too to Shaun Dooley—every scene he was in was either hilarious (the sherbet 'aciiiid' scene), soul bruisingly awkward (any scene in which he sang), or just plain creepy (the Kit Kat sharing moment.) Pushing him over the guardrail was probably Finn's biggest display of power to date (evidently tripped and amplified by the threat of imminent butt-secks.) Luckily for Greg, his death wasn't permanent. Was that because the fall wasn't enough to kill him, or because he secretly possesses a super-power too? Maybe he has an ability similar to Nathan's old invulnerability power. Is there more to come from Greg, I wonder?

Rudy twatting the semi-dead Greg with a shovel, and then whipping out the unconscious probation worker's wanger and sending him careering into Jess' car was comedy gold—unless you happened to be Jess. Alex and Rudy's reaction to Greg's death was perfect. Absolute indifference. Rudy even stuck a sombrero on him. No respect at all. The burial scene was likewise bizarre, with Rudy smoking a fag whilst wearing a Mexican hat, and Alex popping wheelies in a wheelchair—it was just so irreverent. I think I'm starting to warm to Alex. Finally the gang have a bona fide hard man again.

Rudy Two, despite hardly being in tonight's episode, made a significant contribution to furthering both the episode and main season arc. Not only did he help Abby come to terms with her newly created status, he also somehow managed to put Sam on the path to hero-dom. Instead of using his power to escape danger, Sam used it to save Rudy. If Rudy is the guy in the black coat, then it looks as though the rest of the season will focus on Rudy recruiting his own brand of shoddy X-Men. I wonder who the other two will be.

Maybe it is time for those with powers to start using them for good. Any other TV show would have done this from the beginning. Misfits has taken five seasons to get there—and for a show about superpowers, it's baffling how seldom they're used. But Misfits has always been about the characters: the horrible, disgusting, fucked-up, beautiful characters. After tonight's episode, I'm really going to miss this show. It's beginning to feel like something special again.

Other Thoughts:

—I loved that the Swingball had a secondary purpose of killing Scary.

—Good luck cutting your forearm with a pair of nail scissors. Every pair I've ever owned wouldn't cut through butter.

—Abby and Laura engaged in lady sex was right up there on the discomfort scale with Alex and Finn's horror inducing episode one knobfest. Some things just don't need an audience.

—It looks as though Howard Overman is set on pairing Jess with Rudy One. Rudy may be unable to admit his feelings to himself, but Rudy Two knows better. Jess even laughed at one of his utterly shite gags.

—How about Abby pairing up with Rudy Two? Both new creations, both uncertain of their place in the universe. You think? Shall we start calling them Rubby?


Abby: "Hi, I'm Abby, and I'm a lesbian."

Rudy: “For the love of God, can a ridiculously handsome man not do anything in peace?”

Laura: “What are you doing?”
Abby: “I climbed in through the window. I was going to wait until you'd had your wee. If it's a shit, I'll be outside.”

Laura: "You're crazy."
Abby: "I'm how you made me."

Greg: “I am so full of love. I can't hide it any more. I can't.”

Finn: “So he wakes up and thinks he's crashed the car drink driving?”
Rudy: “Mmm.”
Finn: “That could work.”
Rudy: “We should get his cock out.”
Alex: “Any particular reason? Or do you just want to give it an airing?”
Rudy: “For the comedy, innit? You know... it's always better. Come on. For the comedy.”
Alex: “That works for me.”

Jess: “That's my fucking car!”
Rudy: “Shit!”

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