Sunday, 12 December 2010

Misfits: Episode Three

Superhoodie: 'It's going to be all right. I should know. I'm from the future.'

Tonight's was an event filled episode. Nathan turned gay and fell in love with Simon; Curtis got stabbed with a knife made from ink; Simon almost choked to death; Kelly fell in love with Vince the tattoo artist; and Alisha fell in love with Superhoodie. So much shit was happening, it was hard to keep track. Alisha and Curtis' relationship also looks to be on the rocks. Presumably, this will free Curtis up to start seeing Nikki. Which means Curtis' flash-forward could come true sooner than we thought.

Tonight, Alisha deliberately put herself in danger to lure Superhoodie out of the shadows. A risky manoeuvre, which luckily worked. Who would have thought that Superhoodie would turn out to be Simon? I did not see that coming. Out of all the misfits, why Simon? He's the least cool member of the gang—which obviously makes him the perfect choice. It also explains why he wears a mask. Simon catching sight of his future self would cause all manner of complications. Yet, our Simon and Superhoodie are as different as can be. Simon's awkward, withdrawn and socially inept, whereas Superhoodie's full of confidence, a man of action, self assured, agile, and dare I say it, even quite sexy?

Alisha and Simon being together, up until this week, would have been unthinkable—they're just too different. Alisha's the beautiful, fun loving, party girl, Simon the introverted, social outcast, yet there was a definite shift in Alisha's worldview tonight. Simon calling her beautiful shook her to her core. Would it have had the same effect had she not just met his heroic future self? I'm guessing not. She did, after all, balk when Simon tried to ask her out just two episodes ago, but Alisha's perception of Simon is now radically different. He's essentially a changed man. Or will be.

I love seeing Alisha like this. Her confidence is gone—she has literally no idea what she's doing—yet her passion for Simon has undoubtedly been kindled. How can it not? It's a foregone conclusion she'll fall in love with him as she already has. Them having sex must surely spell the end of her relationship with Curtis. Curtis said all the wrong things, tonight. Blaming Alisha for their inability to have sex was definitely not cool. By contrast, Superhoodie was able to reassure Alisha that nothing was her fault. None of them asked for their powers. They're all victims.

Simon can also touch Alisha. How, I have no idea. Him saying that things are different in the future, really didn't tell us anything, but they certainly took advantage of the situation. That was some steamy sex. Steamier than Nathan and Kelly's attempts at copulation, anyway. God, that was awkward. Props to Lauren Socha for playing an absolute blinder—she looked as sick as a chip. Another knock back for Nathan. Water off a duck's back, no doubt.

And not just from Kelly—his attempted seduction and rejection by Simon was a second kick in the teeth. The love letter and dancing to 'Careless Whisper'; the non-stop sniffing of Simon's hair; the long angsty conversation he had with Kelly, in which he confessed undying love for Simon; all magnificently acted by Robert Sheehan. I laughed out loud when he threw himself in front of Simon in an attempt to protect him. Maybe he's not the Renee to Simon's Tom, after all. That was quite courageous—for Nathan, anyway.

At least now we know what the clocks are for. Superhoodie's tracking events in time. His mission: to stop Alisha from dying. Presumably he's attempting to rewrite the timeline leading up to Alisha's death. Without Superhoodie, the misfits would already be seriously depleted, if not extinct. Clearly he needs them, but for what? What's on the horizon that's going to require the intervention of the ASBO Five?

Other Thoughts:

—We learned this week that Nikki has a heart problem. A fairly serious one, by the looks of things.

—The whole peanut resolve was mental. What were the chances of that one peanut going into Vince's mouth?

—I'm not sure adrenaline needs to be administered directly into the heart for a peanut allergy. Isn't that just when the heart stops?

—Simon's about to lose his virginity. I wonder who to? I'm guessing it won't be Nathan.

—No wonder Simon was so good in bed, he's been having sex with Alisha for ages, hence him managing to press all the right buttons.

—If Superhoodie's VT is accurate, those with superpowers will go public at some point in the future. How far in the future, I wonder?


Nathan: 'I'm not saying you're ugly... you've looked in a mirror.'

Nikki: 'You tell your little friend he owes me a new mattress. He wiped his arse on my pyjamas.'
Curtis: 'Yeah, that's the kind of thing he does. He's not right in the head.'

Nathan: 'You don't know how much I've always wanted to do that. Feel my heart. It's racing. It's okay, it's okay. I'll be gentle.'

Nathan: 'It's okay, we don't have to go all the way. We can just cuddle.'

Nathan: 'I was staring into those big beautiful eyes. He's like a handsome shark.'

Nathan: 'I've never felt like this about anyone. He completes me.'
Kelly: 'Er, That's from Jerry Maguire.'
Nathan: 'I know, I watched it four times last night. It's like he's Tom and I'm Renee. Someone else is the ugly speccy kid.'

Kelly: 'Are you trying to tell me you're gay or something?'
Nathan: 'Gay, straight, retarded. Why do we have to put labels on everything?'
Kelly: 'Cos, we do. All right! Or else no one's going to know what the fuck's going on.'

Alisha: 'Look, if I've ever been a bitch to you, I'm sorry.'
Simon: 'I've never thought you were a bitch.'

Alisha: 'Maybe I deserve all this. But I need you to make me feel like I don't.'

Kelly: 'I'm not being funny, yeah, but is this doing anything for you?'
Nathan: 'Well, I'm a guy. We're really not that fussy.'

Kelly: 'Do you ever get embarrassed of anything?'
Nathan: 'Not really, no.'

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