Saturday, 11 December 2010

Misfits - Episode Two

Nathan: 'I see dead people.'

This episode started off slowly. Nathan's back-story, whilst not entirely surprising, offered an intriguing glimpse into his personal life. Greeting your Father with a punch in the face is pretty dysfunctional, and getting one back is downright abusive. Where this episode really caught fire (pun intended) was at the club. Curtis' altered power gifted us a fascinating peek into the future. How far into the future is anyone’s guess, but if that last minute reveal was anything to go by, it could be sooner than we think.

Jamie's drugs had the unexpected side-effect of reversing the misfits' abilities: Alisha repelled people, instead of attracting them; Nathan became mortal, and had to be saved from exploding shrapnel by Superhoodie; and Simon, instead of being invisible, suddenly became the focus of everyone's attention. How sweet that he refused to use his new found popularity for his own carnal gratification (despite enthusiastic proddings from Nathan). How like Simon to hate the adulation and lock himself in the toilet.

Kelly's powers were also reversed. Instead of being able to hear everyone's thoughts, she couldn't stop telling everyone her own. She acknowledged that Nathan could probably do better than her, admitted to sleeping with just four people ('you're practically a virgin'), confessed to being in love with Nathan, and then told him of her fear of being hurt. By caring, sharing Nathan? Surely not.

Curtis' flash of the future showed him wearing a superhero's costume. He actually looked pretty cool, but who was the girl in his vision and why did she have a scar running down her chest? More importantly, why did Superhoodie lead them to her home? Can he see the future, too? It's hard to shake the feeling that the misfits are being manipulated. Yes, Superhoodie's protecting them, but to what end? Is he friend or foe? He seems to know everything about them: always watching, always one step ahead, but evidently not invincible. That shrapnel from the car explosion definitely hurt him.

Nathan's attempts at caring for his newly found brother were as comical as they were well meaning. I loved watching him ironing Jamie a toasted sandwich. What must his clothes smell like? (Assuming her ever irons them). Nathan warmed to the idea of a brother right away. (A typical only child response. I'd love one too.) Someone to mould in his own image. To look after. To go on the pull with. Someone to teach his dance moves to (if he had any). What a shame Jamie died. Incinerated by an exploding Lily.

Jamie's purpose after death was to bring Nathan and his Dad together. It's early days, but the signs are encouraging. Nothing says 'I'm sorry' like paying for a man's breakfast. Those were some ugly exchanges at the Police Station. Years of neglect have obviously left Nathan with some deep scars, but I felt a little sorry for his dad, too. Sure he's made mistakes, but he seemed genuinely sorry at the end. Maybe Nathan was a little sorry, too.

It's refreshing to know that things in the afterlife aren't so different to things here. People still have sex—apparently. Great closing line from Jamie ('I'm fucking her'). Maybe, Jamie and Nathan aren't so different after all.

Other Thoughts:

—Awesome opening scene of Nathan stripping off in front of the group and rubbing suntan lotion into his white, skinny body. I loved everyone's look of revulsion. Apart from Kelly. She seemed to be enjoying it.

—Why, oh why, would Nathan think that shitting in someone's bed would send the right message? Loved his face whilst curling one off, though. Very serene.

—I'm glad Nathan made the connection between Superhoodie and the BMX bandit from season one. I was wondering about that. Not that it helps us much in determining his identity.

—Where does Nathan get his self confidence from? Virtually everyone thinks he's a dick. Being immortal seems to have made him worse: him talking to those car jackers like they were prostitutes was hilarious.

—Nathan's immortality means he can talk to dead people. There are infinite story possibilities there.

—Loved Simon's dancing. It was made only slightly more ludicrous by everyone in the club mimicking him. It reminded me of the Doctor dancing in 'The Big Bang'. Truly terrible.

—Dexter Fletcher is perfect casting as Nathan's father. They have similar mouths.

—Poor Alisha can't seem to catch a break. Even with her superpower altered she was untouchable. What a pain.


Nathan: 'Who says you can't have an ASBO and an all over tan?'

Nathan: 'We're like the Mitchell brothers: only we're not bald, ugly and shit.'

Simon: 'Nathan? It's me.'
Nathan: 'Barry? Hey man. Help me out.'

Nathan: 'There was a storm. Bunch of us got superpowers. I'm immortal. Big reveal.'

Nathan: 'We need to send a message. Let him know he can't fuck with us.'
Curtis: 'And how does taking a shit in his bed do that exactly?'
Nathan: 'Well they did it in The Godfather.'
Simon: 'They put a horse head in the bed.'
Nathan: 'Well, have you got a horse's head?'

Nathan: 'There's an extra twenty in it if you tie me and and hit my balls with a cactus.'

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