Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Misfits: Episode Three

Peter: 'A superhero has to be prepared to die for what he believes in.'

Which is Howard Overman’s not-so-subtle way of reminding us that Simon’s going to die and there’s not a whole lot anyone can do about it. Promising not to travel back in time won't save him—it's already happened. Alisha being alive is proof of that. Simon's story arc is by far the most interesting on the show; the chasm between the man he is, and the man he’ll one day become, is rapidly shrinking. Tonight Superhoodie saved his first innocent, and by way of thanks, Peter laid the foundations for his demise. Now there’s gratitude for you.

The theme of the week was being prepared to give everything for what you believe in. Could Peter have chosen a less drastic course, and maybe devised a scenario in which he didn't die? Could he have found a way to make the past happen differently? (*Cough* Tesselecta *Cough*) It's possible. With some practise, he may even have been able to write dialogue which didn't stink to high heaven. Poor Simon sounded like a walking, talking superhero cliché, but maybe the comic book aficionado in Peter really did believe in heroes. He certainly seemed to have more faith in Simon than Simon had in himself. Peter really wasn't the bad guy. Admittedly, kidnapping Alisha, and then trying to stab Simon—all just to break them up—was a little over-the-top, but Peter understood the mentality and sacrifice of a superhero. Sadly, his preconceptions about what a superhero should be blinded him to the fact that he was one.

Was it the power of Peter's drawings, or the impact of his death, which caused Simon to defy Alisha and hide his suit? Who knows, but with Peter dead, whatever happens from now on is down to Simon. Having Peter around certainly made for a more arse-kicking Superhoodie. He went from almost getting beaten up by one man, to taking out the whole gang of misfits. Simon's desperately in need of a sane, strong, male friend—Rudy seems destined to carry on Nathan's tradition of ripping the piss out of him; Curtis seems uninterested in being his friend—Peter would have been the perfect Robin to Simon's Batman.

Alisha thought she could change the future by trying to change Simon, but, despite occasional bouts of naivety, Simon's no fool. He'll do anything to save Alisha—even if it means deceiving her. He’s already lied about burning his suit—going back on his promise not to time travel should be a cakewalk. In terms of Simon's eventual death changing the dynamics of the show, short term, it’s a non-issue—he's currently unable to turn back time, so it's not as if he'll be dying any time soon. But having Seth around makes me nervous. If he stumbles across Curtis' old power, what's to stop him selling it to Simon? (Assuming he doesn't want it for himself.)

It's no wonder Peter’s death unnerved Alisha—it was like watching Simon die all over again. Peter's suit was almost identical. It even looked like the same warehouse. Alisha had a point, though: how can she die in the past when she’s alive in the present? Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, that's how. Alisha’s a shadow of her season one self. Despite enjoying the smuttiness she brought to the earlier episodes, I much prefer her as she is now. It's ironic that, despite falling in love with future Simon, she doesn't want present day Simon to become him. She prefers the Simon she has now: a Simon who isn't dead.

It turns out the grave Seth visited last week was actually that of dead girlfriend, Shannon. Apparently, he was a pusher pre-storm, and was indirectly responsible for her death. Bummer. I loved Kelly’s openness in declaring her interest in him. Her bluntness was totally endearing—it's just a shame their relationship (if it ever happens), is almost certainly doomed to failure. Even if they do hook up, it's a foregone conclusion that Shannon will return at some point. Will she be able to down a pint as quickly as Kelly? I doubt it. I was half expecting a massive belch at the end. Maybe burping is second date stuff.

Misfits is on a roll. The viewing figures for the season premier hit an all time high. Who'd have thought there'd be life post-Nathan? And how awesome does next week's episode look? Kelly is totally going to kick the shit out of those Nazis.

Other Thoughts:

—I howled with laughter at Rudy's pissing up the wall pose. Yep, that's how it's done, son.

—Excellent fusion of art and action scenes.

—Despite inching ever closer to oblivion, Simon's exhilaration at saving Peter was utterly palpable. No wonder he wouldn't burn his suit. Who would give that up?

—I loved Simon's pain at knowing he'd hurt Alisha. Despite knowing it wasn't his fault, he still he couldn't stop apologising.

—Both Rudy and Curtis were relegated to the sidelines this week, but Rudy still got all the best lines. Great girlfriend anecdote, and amazing burglar alarm disabling skills.

—I love the way Simon unconsciously flattens his hair when he feels uncomfortable.

—I felt sorry for Peter when Alisha dismissed him from the lair. She treated him like she used to treat Simon. Which probably explains why Simon felt so drawn to him. In many respects they were alike.

—Was that a Judge Dredd comic I saw in Peter's collection? Drokkin' zarjaz!


Alisha: 'If you become him, you're going to leave me. You're going to travel back in time and you're going to die.'
Simon: 'And if I don't become him and travel back in time, you're going to die.'
Alisha: 'I can't die in the past if I'm alive in the present. I don't know anything about this Terminator time travel bullshit, but even I know that.'

Rudy: 'Why would I be daydreaming about a chicken?'

Simon: 'I'm not gay.'
Rudy: 'Mmmm. So you were showing each other your cocks because...?'
Simon: 'We were just looking...'
Rudy : '...at each other cocks?'

Shawn: 'This isn’t a job share. Whoever does the crime, does the boring, mindless shit.'

Rudy: 'The old conjoined mindfuck works every time, dunnit?'

Kelly: 'What is it with you? Yesterday you were buying me drinks and talking flirty shit about my nan!'

Rudy: 'All I'm saying is, maybe your boyfriend is a proud and beautiful gay man... who likes to rub and touch other men's penises.'

Rudy: 'I haven't even met the guy. I am, I am, I am new. I don't know what's going on! What's going on? Anyone? No?'

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