Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Misfits: Episode Five

Finn: "You can't kill me. I'm your brother... half brother.”

If last week's episode was enough to set your lower lip wobbling, tonight's story hit a similar emotional high, but for completely different reasons. It wasn't so much that Finn's dad died, it was more the realism of the situation, Finn's struggle to adapt, and Grace's all too familiar grief. For once, someone on the show died a natural, non-murderous death. What a gyp it that had to be Finn's dad -- and just hours after them first meeting.

This was the episode which finally gave Finn a side to his personality which was actually likeable. Sure, I adore him being all awkward and such -- mainly because it produces the laughs -- but characters need to be at least partially rooted in reality, so I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of his more serious side. It fits him well. Him standing up to Rudy was proof positive that Finn's character is slowly developing. Despite standing about ten inches shorter, he actually looked ready to take Rudy on. Even his ridiculous drawn on Hitler moustache couldn't detract from his obvious displeasure at Rudy's unholy intentions towards Grace. Rudy truly is disgusting, isn't he? God, I love him.

Speaking of which, I really like Finn's sister. I know I say this about virtually every minor character I take a shine to, but I hope her being Finn's half sister means she'll stick around for a while -- at least until the end of the season. She seems to bring out the best in Finn, and he seems to be a beneficial influence on her. (When he's not dragging her into his mad schemes, getting her drunk, and starting bar brawls with her.) Hopefully, she can knock some of the naivety out of him. How sad was it that she rated a few awkward hours in the pub, a quick kiss with a random stranger, a fight, and falling asleep opposite a bear humping Rudy as a top night out? She really does need to get out more.

Grace's admission that she was keeping her father alive for purely selfish reasons really got to me. It was such a relevant piece of drama. Most people go through a similar experience at some point in their lives -- who's to say we wouldn't have done the same thing, given the same power and faced with the same dilemma? She was even prepared to kill to keep her father alive. What a shame her power was so limited. Being able to bring someone back from the brink of death is useless if you can't cure them. She must have felt a real bond with Finn when she saw him move that beer can an inch. Seeing how lame his power was must have made her feel positively gifted.

Ultimately, Grace was afraid of being alone. Which is what made Finn's promise that he'd be there for her so moving. It was exactly what she needed to hear in order to let go. I think the idea of having a sibling was appealing to them both. Despite a rocky start, Finn getting his arse kicked seemed to draw them closer together. Although initially annoyed at Finn for cramping her style, she was quick to jump to his defence. Which was just as well -- Rudy was far too busy not getting himself involved, to be of much help. Still, at least he had the good grace to feel guilty about drawing on Finn's face after learning about his father's death. Whether him issuing a pass will last, time will tell. Probably not, knowing Rudy.

After last week's glimpse at Greg's softer side, it was business as usual at grief counselling. I'm still not sold on Greg as a character. I enjoyed his creepy jig, but he still feels too wooden to fully invest my time in. I'm counting the weeks until his eventual, hopefully painful, demise. Not that that stopped me from loving every minute of Rudy's interaction with him. It looks as though we'll be learning more about Alex next week, too. I have a sneaking suspicion Jess is about to get her heart broken -- and maybe Alex his nose -- again. I mean, what problem could ever necessitate the need to see someone's cock?

Bits and Pieces:

-- Anal Mary? Now there's a name you don't want to hear associated with your mother. I mean, Mary... it's so old fashioned.

-- Did Rudy call his stuffed bear, Barbara? I hope we get to see Auntie Barbara one day.

-- I can imagine people finding tonight's episode a little boring. Rudy and Jess were reduced to minor characters, and Finn's hardly the most charismatic of leads, but I enjoyed it. I liked the fact they dealt with the issues in a realistic, respectful way.

-- Jess is always swanning off to the toilet. Irritable bladder?


Greg: “Do you know how I felt when my dad died?”
Finn: “No.”
Greg: “Take a guess.”
Finn: “Sad?”
Greg: “I was fucking ecstatic. The guy was a miserable judgemental prick.”

Finn: “This guy, Alex from 'the bar', he's got a date with a friend of mine, and we're finding out if he's gay.”
Grace: “Why?”
Finn: “So I can completely destroy his relationship with Jess before it's even started.”

Finn: “Please don't fuck my sister.”
Rudy: “I'd love to help you, but unfortunately, I am genetically programmed to fuck people's sisters. It's the way the Lord made me. Can't be helped, dude.”

Greg: "Show me your cock and I'll let you go."

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