Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Misfits: Episode Six

Rudy: “Trust me, you will never forget your first Richard Saunders house party.”

Ahhh... the obligatory party episode. I love it when the misfits get an opportunity to let their hair down. As well as a golf playing rabbit wearing a suit, we were also introduced to the legendary Colonel Saunders (from season three), saw Finn get laid (in all its exhausting glory), and finally discovered Alex's big secret. That's assuming it is big. It may turn out to be quite small. (Zing!) I think we also picked up a new member in the form of delectable pisshead, Abby. The misfits are a four-piece again.

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say Abby's superpower is that she needs to drink alcohol to stay sober. Not much of a superpower, admittedly, but with Misfits, usefulness isn't a prerequisite. When Finn and Rudy first saw Abby, she was unconscious outside of Richie's flat, yet after waking up and swiftly downing several large vodkas (or similar), she seemed to sober up. She even managed to crack a poor taste joke about molestation and prosecution, right before saving the boys in a testosterone fuelled finale. I think she's going to fit in fine. Next week's teaser has her faking community service. I can't wait to see what Greg makes of her. Mincemeat, probably.

The biggest shock of the night (apart from Alex's missing cock), was Rudy's seeming infatuation with Nadine. Could she be his lucky Miss One Hundredth? This is a side of Rudy we haven't seen in any of his incarnations and I like it. He's almost like a Rudy four. Of course, it's already obvious that Nadine has a secret -- why else would she go rushing off at three minutes to eleven? Does her car turn into a pumpkin and her clothes into rags on the chime of midnight? I suppose it's possible that Rudy may be under the influence of some sort of power, but here's hoping that he isn't. I'm loving philosophical Rudy. He's actually quite charming.

Poor Jess had another tough episode: rejected by Alex, her sexual history revealed to all and sundry, and then clubbed half to death by a giant rabbit. At least Alex's knock back finally led to the confession that he'd been mugged by a female transgender cock thief and is now in possession of a vagina. I suppose swapped genitals shouldn't surprise us: this is Misfits after all. Not that Alex having girlie parts seemed to put Jess off. Quite the opposite, in fact. Which was sweet.... and dare I say it, oddly sexy? It's a shame Jess' X-ray vision can't see through clothes. Or can it? If it can see through solid objects, then why not? Surely she must have taken a peek at some point. I mean, you just would, wouldn't you? Yeah? Anyone? (*Taps mic*) Is this on?

With Alex on the scene, it's looking less and less like Finn's going to hook up with Jess. The way she responded to Alex's fancy top comment, whilst showing complete indifference to the exact same compliment from Finn, revealed where her interest currently lies. Not that the party was a total bust for Finn -- he at least managed to nudge his knobbing tally up to two. Unfortunately, he also learned the cold emotionless truth of the one night stand. Rudy waiting patiently beside the bed for Finn to ejaculate was seriously funny, as was Finn's amateurish shagging commentary. Kudos to Jon Brown for his top notch dialogue throughout. The stuff he gave Rudy was say was gold, and Gilgun delivered with serious aplomb.

I really like episodes set outside of the Community Centre. Maybe it's time for the show to diversify. There are obviously people with powers everywhere -- maybe it's time to go to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Plus, you can only contrive reasons why everyone's perpetually on community service for so long. A change of scenery may even be good for the show. Rudy certainly seemed to flourish outside of his natural habitat. His reaction to the Colonel's seeming death, his non-stop arse-headed wisdom, and him erroneously concluding that Richie had shat himself, all had me laughing out loud. And another Rudy-centric episode next week by the looks of things. Hurrah!

Bits and Pieces:

-- Rudy's wisdom at the wake was actually quite profound. He hides behind such a big fa├žade it's hard to work out what's behind it sometimes.

-- Are wakes ever held so late at night? None that I've ever been to.

-- Alex may not be the womaniser he once was, but is that because he's sans tackle or has he undergone some fundamental behavioural change, too? How will he react when/if he gets his junk back? Is Jess in for more heartbreak?

-- That rabbit was seriously creepy.

-- How odd that the girl Finn had a one night stand with went on to snub him completely. Was she just giving him the cold shoulder or was there something at else at work there?

-- Lifts won't close when there's something stuck between the doors. It's a basic safety feature to stop horrible accidents happening. Except for in television.


Alex: “Any idea why I have the number 46 on my head?”
Rudy: “Yes! Because you're a fucking Viking. Respect to the dark horse.”

Rudy: “If it's going to be my centenary fuck, it's got to be something special, hasn't it? You know what I mean? Something a bit magical. It's got to be something I can tell my grand kids when they're running around my ankles.”

Rudy:” This is classic Saunders this is... tripping his balls off. What have you taken?”

Finn: “Just so we're clear, there is a law against fucking drunk girls.”
Rudy: “Haha... really, Finlay! Really?”
Finn: “Yes!”
Rudy: “Shit!”

Rudy: “Hang on a minute.. so you've taken acid, there's now a giant white rabbit wi' a golf club, and no one's shat themselves? That's good!”

Finn: “Shit party, by the way.”
Alex: “Really shit.”
Jess: “And next time, buy some fucking nibbles.”

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