Monday, 10 December 2012

Misfits: Episode Seven

Greg: “Do you know what they do with people who pretend to be on community service?”

They force them to do actual community service apparently. I'm not sure that's true, but it works -- Abby is now a fully suited member of the gang. This season's struggled a little under the weight of having too much to do. Introducing three brand new characters in just eight episodes is an almost impossible task. The episodes rarely get to be about just the stories -- which makes me hope that Misfits gets a fifth season. I'd love to see what these characters are capable of without the seemingly ever present spectre of re-population hanging over them.

I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but after six episodes of feeling nothing but apathy towards Greg, I'm starting to feel a modicum of interest in his story. What on earth was that weird karaoke night all about? His rendition of 'The Power of Love' had Rudy in tears. Even Finn and Abby looked moderately moved. Not that it helped them to bond -- once Greg left the stage, he still looked tight-arsed enough to form a black hole around his sphincter. But Greg really can sing. What a beautiful, touching performance. I'm just not sure love ballads and slightly unhinged, foul mouthed probation workers are the perfect bedfellows. Will we ever find out why Greg seems to be perpetually on the verge of blowing a gasket? Something to do with repressed homosexuality and the storm, maybe?

Rudy's version of 'Don't You Want Me' was also enough to move a man to tears, albeit for entirely different reasons. It wasn't terrible, but it had none of the emotional finesse of Greg's tour de farce. Rudy's been doing a lot of weird things recently: like being sympathetic, singing songs about love and loss, and telling the truth. Coming clean to Nadine about his community service was oddly touching. It's clear that meeting her has changed him for the better. Thankfully, she didn't run away, at least not immediately, and that wasn't because of his lies, it was because she's a nun. Which presumably explains why she did a runner from last week's wake. Not the bombshell I was expecting, but entertaining all the same.

Luckily, Rudy Two seems to approve of Rudy One's taste in women. Which, oddly enough, made Rudy One jealous. Is the storm playing a part in Rudy's obsession, or is this the real thing? Next week's episode looks set to take place in a church/convent. I wonder how much blasphemy they can notch up before the season's done? Hopefully lots, although I doubt anything can be worse than the visual horror of having to endure Rudy's Alex the Barman impression. Alex's genitals last week looked CGI-ed -- Rudy's pubic region this week disturbingly did not. Why did it take him so long to pull up his trousers? Oh God, that was awful... and hilarious... and awful.

Abby apparently doesn't need to drink to stay sober (who would ever suggest such a thing?), the storm wiped her memory, and now she doesn't know who she is. Stealing Tara's baby was an attempt at reconnecting with a world that's largely forgotten her -- but why does nobody recognise her? She drinks to forget forgetting, so she's clearly a social animal, yet she hasn't bumped into one person from her past? It's ironic that the reason she gave baby Jake back was because he was all that Tara had. Jake was all Abby had, too. Someone to make her feel needed, yet she gave him up anyway. I'm really warming to Abby. There's something about her dreamy nonchalance that I find endearing. Being a gorgeous red head doesn't hurt either.

Similarly, the reason James gave Alex back his tallywacker was because he needed it more. Seeing Alex's mental turmoil first-hand was like looking into a mirror. Alex was even willing to take his own life because he felt like a freak in his own body -- which is presumably how James feels all the time. Letting Alex shoot himself would have solved at least one problem, but James couldn't bear the thought of inflicting his unhappiness on someone else. So he gave Alex his cock back, which he then put to good use on Jess. Sadly, Alex is reverting back to the womanising narcissist he was before the storm. Which is terrible news for Jess.

But great news for Finn. Unfortunately, Finn's obvious glee every time something bad happens to Alex, is starting to irk me, because it has an immediate impact on Jess -- his supposed friend. Everyone displayed at least some growth tonight: Rudy continued to surprise and baffle with his feelings for Nadine (overlooking the infamous 'dick tuck' incident for the moment), Jess still loves Alex despite him having a mangina, Abby gave up her one shot at finding purpose -- yet all Finn could manage was to be a dick about Alex's dick. And all because Jess picked Alex instead of him. Admittedly, he got over his jealousy in time to help her find him, but Finn really needs to get his act together if he hopes to be with her. Earlier in the season I could see them working as a couple -- now I seriously don't want it to happen.

Next week's episode looks set to be a scorcher. It's time to get on with the business of putting those crappy superpowers to use: let's go nut some nuns in the face!

Bits and Pieces: 

-- Rudy can't read Jess to save his life.

-- Loved Abby's comment on seeing Finn's power face: “Are you shitting yourself? If that's the distraction, I'm not sure it's going to work.”

-- The gang messing around in wheelchairs was a nice tip of the hat to the Nathan years.

-- Next week: the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

-- Since Rudy One was making such a pigs ear of chatting up Nadine, why didn't Rudy Two take over?

-- Another Jon Brown penned episode and another episode chock-a-block full of classic Misfits dialogue.

-- Far too much genitalia on display tonight.


Rudy: “Let's go shove a baby up a girl's arse, shall we?”

Alex: “I'll double your money – whatever it takes – just find my cock.”

Rudy: “That was a bit of a clanger wasn't it?

Abby: “You better look after him. If he grows up to be a pimp, a child molester, or a probation worker, I will kick your arse.”

Rudy: “Dude, I'm sorry about the dick tuck thing. It was fucking insensitive...”

Rudy: “Listen, if I go in there, am I going to get my penis stolen?”
Jess: “Why would anyone steal your puny little cock?”
Abby: “He's got a point actually. I can't have anyone stealing my fanny, I'm going to be using it soon.”

Rudy: “Shit! I'm in love with a nun.”

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